If there's one thing that really kinda stresses me out, it's figuring out what to make every night for dinner.  And since I don't think I'm alone, I decided that I will post here what I've got planned for dinner for the week.  I hope you can find inspiration for what to cook yourself, but of course you can always just outright steal my weekly plan!


As always, use the freshest, most natural and local ingredients you can get!


Happy cooking!





Not sure how it happened, but somehow, 18 years have passed since the day we got married.  It hasn't always been easy.  No marriage is perfect.  But it's always been an adventure.

It was a very low-key celebration, but did involve a bit of champagne, a lot of love, and somehow, a lot of meals at Avenue Bistro.  Which is just as well.  The food is always delicious and they love us, so what better place to spend it than with friends.

Master stroke idea, neither of us cooking, honey!  Looking forward to the next year!



Since the weekend was full of heavy foods and sugary treats as we celebrated our anniversary, I need something that's going to be a little easier on the tummy.


Mushrooms are a great way to help balance out blood sugar, the pine nuts of course give added protein along with fiber, and anytime I can get leafy greens into a dish, I'm happy.

Plus, I'll get to have fresh pasta that my local Whole Foods sells in it's on special display.  It is just so delicious!


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Seared Cod.jpeg



Still keeping it a bit light, and getting in some wonderful iodine to help support the thyroid better, I'm trying out this recipe.  I'm not usually a fan of orange glazes, but with the red wine vinegar helping to balance it out, I'm willing to give it a go!

And if you're new to cooking, or new to cooking seafood, this is an easy recipe to follow!

I'm planning to pair it with this recipe for Creamy Spring Peas.  So glad it's springtime and peas are coming into season!  My girls LOVE peas, so this will be an easy sell!.


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And so it goes, Wednesday's now seem to be about Asian dishes!  Hmmm. . . . But they are so easy, and Wednesday's are crazy nights for me, so it all works out.

I've been eyeing this recipe for a year now, but when it came time to plan my meals, somehow it kept getting replaced.  So I'm going for it today!

Please note that it calls for PRE-COOKED rice, so be sure to plan that into your cooking time.  And ALWAYS rinse your rice before cooking.  This removes the phytic acid from the grain, which can interrupt proper absorption of nutrients. 

Don't like the veggies called for in this recipe?  Mix it up!  Fried rice is so great because it's so versatile!  You could do peas and corn instead.  Or peppers.  Or mushrooms.  Or all of the above!  Have fun with this one.


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Hello old friend.  It's been awhile.

Alex has been on a big health kick lately, and it's totally paying off.  Her skin is clearing up and in general she's feeling better about herself.  But being on this kick has meant absolutely NO processed foods.  So she hasn't had her usual frozen potstickers for lunch for about a month now.  I'm going to surprise her tonight with potstickers for dinner.  And these are just SO much tastier than the frozen ones anyway!

I'll serve some of the leftover fried rice along side this, plus I'm also considering making an Asian-style slaw for some extra veggies.

Can't wait to surprise Alex!

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