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Please Try This At Home

Last week was a really good week. My youngest daughter, Alex, killed it at her Spring Musical at her school, where she played Asaka Mother of Earth in Once On This Island, Jr. And the musical was even better for having my oldest daughter, Grace, and her best friend choreograph the whole thing.

Also, the bathroom renovation that would never end has finally ended. I can’t explain how excruciating a bathroom renovation is with a teenage girl. Having only one bathroom was tough. Announcing that she was going to be using the bathroom for 30 minutes was apparently more than she could handle. But then again, I might be expecting too much. Throwing anything away is expecting too much.

Cleansing wipes, cotton balls, tissues. These must take some serious concentration to remember to throw them away. But I digress. . . .

This isn’t about the stress of a renovation. Or the fact that teenagers can’t throw things away. Neither of these things are new. As long as renovations and teenagers have existed, so have these annoyances.

No, this is partially about finally getting to wind down a bit, and mostly about a question I was asked last week.

Billy had to be away for a conference in Florida. Spouses were invited, but I had so much going on that it just wasn’t going to be possible to go.

Or did I?

Originally I did. But one by one, all of those barriers seemed to have taken care of themselves. So at 9:00pm on that Sunday night, I made the decision. I would head down to Naples, FL and surprise my husband the next day.

And that’s exactly what I did. He was stunned. And it probably didn’t help that I showed up about 5 minutes before he was to do a presentation. Though, if I know him, he was still a rock star.

Now, I won’t lie. While my driving factor was that I would get to be alone with my husband at some point over the next couple of days - something which hasn’t happened in quite some time - I can’t deny that the idea of lying on beach in the warm Florida sun didn’t hold it’s own appeal.

So I hit the beach for the afternoon, while Billy finished up and then he joined me. And while Billy golfed the next day, I spent the day in complete and utter relaxation mode.

By 9:30am I had staked out my place on the beach. I had already arranged for a massage at 11:00am, in a fabulous spa at the hotel that is more than just services. Therapy rooms and pools galore. So I showed up a little early, soaked in the mineral pool, then had my massage.

Afterwards I soaked in the whirlpool, then did the cold plunge pool, then the sauna, another cold plunge, then the steam room, then off to lunch at the beach bar.

Let’s face it, I wasn’t exactly roughing it. Okay, so maybe the fact that the conference was at The Ritz-Carlton played a factor as well. It certainly didn’t hurt!